Week 5

TOPIC 1: Organizing Your Resources

Before you complete the Discussion, please read this PDF document from the KU Writing Center on annotated bibliographies.


Now address the following topic.

As you have just read, an annotated bibliography is a useful tool in assisting you in compiling and tracking information used in research. You will compile your own annotated bibliography in Unit 7.

  • How will an annotated bibliography benefit you as a student?
  • How will the process of gathering and compiling resources contribute to your professional portfolio?

TOPIC 2: Outlining Your Degree Plan

Before you complete the Discussion, be sure you have thoroughly reviewed the Reading page to review the course catalog and your degree program. You will need to do this in order to complete this week’s Discussion.

Follow the instructions in the Reading for reviewing your degree plan from your KU Portal. For this Discussion choose two required courses from your degree program and one possible elective from the catalog. Read the course descriptions prior to answering the questions below.

  • How do the selected courses support your career goals and contribute to preparing you for your chosen profession? Support your response with information you researched in Units 1–4.
  • How many total credit hours are included in your degree plan?
  • Of the courses in your degree plan, which ones do you expect to be the most challenging and why?
  • Which of your classmates’ selections sound interesting to you?
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