unit 3 assessment , health and medicine homework help

are the answers correct?

  • Match the term on the left with the definition on the right. Select the best answer for each matching pair.
  • b- Primary witnesses

    c- Secondary witnesses

    e- Tertiary witnesses

    g- Accident report

    j- Accident analysis report

    c- Heat strain

    f- Heat stress

    I- Heat exhaustion

    A- Shock

    D- injury illness and Injury Report (Form 301)

    Injury Illness and Injury Report (Form 301)


    The depression of the nervous system that can be caused by both physical and psychological trauma


    People who actually saw the event


    People who did not actually see the accident happen, but were nearby


    The overall physiological response resulting from heat stress


    People who were not present at the time of the accident or afterward, but may have relevant evidence to present


    The net heat load to which a worker may be exposed, from the combined contributions of metabolic effect of work, environmental factors, and clothing


    Required to be completed any time a recordable work-related injury or illness occurs


    Completed when the accident in question represents only a minor incident


    The physical state in which the worker’s skin becomes clammy and moist and his or her body temperature is still normal or slightly higher than normal


    Completed when the accident in question is serious

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