the reason for education

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”

As the above quote suggests, education should give us a chance to “go within.”Not only should we be learning theories and concepts, but we should also be considering how any particular theory or concept is relevant for ourselves. Going into any learning experience, I like to think about what I expect to get out of it. What do I hope to learn? How will it be relevant for me?What preconceived notions or beliefs do I have about the subject matter? What has influenced those ideas or beliefs – how I was raised? The media? Religious/spiritual background? Political beliefs? For this paper, I would like you to think about some or all of these questions. Think about this as an opportunity to “Check in” with yourself as you come into the course.

**This is a Introductory Reflection Paper.

**No set number of pages

**This course is called Principles of Human Growth and Developement.

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