step 3 a well developed paragraph

Using the same subject you picked for step 2 assignment

Step 3: Write a Well-Developed Paragraph Using the Primary Source as Evidence to Prove a Larger Point

  • Write a single well-developed paragraph, elucidating any theme that stands out to you from the information you’ve learned in this module.
    • It really doesn’t matter what topic you choose, so long as you make an argument (in the topic sentence) and back it up with plenty of evidence from the lecture, course videos, the and primary source.
  • For this step, you must use SAME primary source that you used in Step 2. Use it as evidence to prove your point. Somewhere in the paragraph, you should include your description of the source from Step 1.
    • Cite the source at least once by quoting directly from it. Put the author, title, and page number in parentheses. Don’t forget to use the description from Step 1 here!
    • If it’s helpful to you, feel free to cite evidence from the other primary sources this week, or in past modules that are relevant to your analysis. This is optional. If you go ahead and do this, don’t forget to put the author, title, and page number in parentheses.
  • A Note on “Well-Developed Paragraphs”: I won’t dictate how many sentences a paragraph must be. However, each paragraph should have a clear TOPIC sentence (the first sentence) that explains the argument of your paragraph to me. Each paragraph should also include evidence and details to prove your argument. Every sentence following the topic sentence should prove that argument using evidence from the primary source and the textbook (cited as indicated above.)
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