Query an online Data Source to Measure Performance, health and medicine homework help

Exercise manual Project 3-5: Query an online Data Source to Measure Performance 

In this undertaking, you will figure out how to question an online database of patient fulfillment evaluations a report the outcomes. Go to the Comonwealth site, Why Not the Best (http://whynotthebest.org) and utilize the hunt capacity to recover the information you have to creat your report. Pick a healing facility in your area. Take after the bearings for Project 3-5 and present your report by the built up due date. 

Task Comments: You can get to the information to finish the report without agreeing to a record on the site. Be that as it may, the record is free and you will have the capacity to download the information set (you might have the capacity to see the outcomes in the event that you don’t agree to a record). To get all information populated on the page, first pick your healing center and after that utilization the “include benchmark” choices to incorporate state and the “include benchmark” to include national information.

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