project description 9


The problem description defines the issue you are trying to address with your project.

  • gives the overall description of the client’s business context
  • identifies the assets that need to be protected

It should clear and sufficiently precise:

attachment is an example

due by January 17th, 2020 8pm est


Details of the project that involves securing TVs:

Our firm is named Newfound and the company that we are working with is a retail store named Texto. Texto has hired us to find and secure bug, that has allowed hackers to remotely shutdown or display unwanted things, other than what the store wants to display on televisions used for surveillance cameras

We have to find the vulnerabilities of the software ( Which has to be found ) that manages the TVs.

I really need all of you to start researching this software connecting to multimedia devices and send me your notes ( max 1 page ).

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