professional learning opportunity presentation

Assignment Content

  1. Research SMART goals and other goal setting strategies in the University Library and
    review the “Making SMART Goals Smarter” article located in the
    Week 5 Electronic Reserve Readings.

    Refer to the stages of coaching and mentoring found on pg. 18 of
    Student-Centered Coaching.

    Design a professional learning opportunity for coaches of teachers who need to implement effective instruction in order to meet their students’ needs.

    Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation for your professional learning opportunity, in which you address the following:

    • Identify three possible target areas in which growth may be warranted and provide justification for each area selected.
    • Write three goals for each target area–two SMART goals and one goal using another goal setting strategy that you discovered.
    • List strategies for fostering awareness, modeling, and providing motivation during the stages of coaching and mentoring.
    • Discuss professional learning communities and explain how you might incorporate them as a coach or mentor.

    Include speaker notes, APA-formatted in-text citations, and a reference slide.

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