please assist with a 4 page advanced research methods assignment it surrounds research design and building blocks of a research proposal

Everything that’s needed for the assignment ha been prepared below including the template attached:

This should help you flow through the assignment. The body should be represented from the accounts of information displayed in the articles referenced below. Inclusion of the research question, hypothesis , and research methods are all necessary and are also provided below.

Feedback from Instructor on how to put things together:

Instructors Response :In regard to your research question, I think your suggestion of asking African Americans in a semi-structured interview about their experience with law enforcement. That being said, a question like “What is the experience of African Americans with law enforcement?” would work well as a qualitative research question/study. For the paper, you are essentially writing the introduction, literature review, and discussing your research question and hypotheses. I think the best approach to the paper is to follow the rubric as essentially an outline itself. But the key sections are introduction, literature, review, research question and hypotheses.

Research Question: “What is the experience of African Americans with law enforcement?”

Student Hypothesis:

The cohesive use of pro-social interventions and social learning theories ( operant conditioning) can be used to improve African American experiences with Law Enforcement.

Method of research to include: Descriptive Research Method,

Types of Descriptive Research Methods to be mentioned within the text of the papper and how useful they can be.

A)Qualitative :Ethnography

B) Quantitative:Survey

c) Observational

References to use for body and reference sheet:]

1) Bryant‐Davis, T., Adams, T., Alejandre, A., & Gray, A. A. (2017). The Trauma lens of Police Violence Against Racial and Ethnic Minorities. Journal of Social Issues, 73(4), 852-871.

2)Williams, M.T. (2015). The link between racism and PTSD: A Psychologist Explains Race-based Stress and Trauma in Black Americans. Psychology Today: A Publication of the American Psychological Association. Retrieved from…

3) Ponds, K. T. (2013). The Trauma of Racism: America’s Original Sin. Reclaiming Children & Youth, 22(2), 22–24. Retrieved from…

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