Organizing and Staffing, engineering homework help

SPECIFICATIONS: Organizing & Staffing

A) Organize a Legal company Type. Explain why you used this type

B) Staff your Company and define roles based on your product for:

  • President
  • Engineering Manager
  • Operation Manager
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Other support as needed

C) Define what type of Culture you will develop and

1) Steps you will use

2) Motivation techniques you will use

D) Identify characteristics of the below personnel to fit your culture using “Job Descriptions”

  • Quality Personnel
  • Engineering Personnel
  • Sales & Marketing Personnel
  • Operations Personnel
  • Hourly Personnel

E) Define 80/20 important issues from SWOT

F) Identify & document techniques for interviewing & Hiring addressing:

  • Interviewing techniques
  • Criteria for hiring supervision
  • Criteria for hiring hourly personnel
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