nag intro to data mining discussion2

Watch video of Ted Talk about Social Media Analytics (link is provided in Week 1 presentation slide 30),

stop the video at 4:27 and try to come up with the answer Dr. Golbeck is asking:

“How come liking a picture of curly fries could be the indicative of how smart you are?”

First, try to come up with your own predictions and post it here. Also add overall your reflection on what you learned about Social Media Analytics after watching this video.

please provide replies also each in 150 words.

vika-The video was about the Ted talk affiliations’ capacity to screen your information on the web and how they use it to progress. As Golbeck (2013) clarified in the introduction, Facebook recorded the first ‘likes’ that were generally illustrative of high understanding. In like manner, among those was getting a charge out of an image of wavy fries.

Along these lines, firms might be baited to scan for fiscally quick approaches to manage development’sIn any case, the impact of one kind of online frameworks organization movement isn’t freed from the other sort, and thusly earned electronic life advancement first involvement in the two sorts of online frameworks organization works out.

As a result of an astonishing individual like this image, and his/her mates tapping on the like catch, Facebook’s modernized information explore results uncovered that inclining toward wavy fries suggests that a remarkably keen social gathering of individuals’ activities. It is fascinating that there might be huge potential consequences of research that is gotten together with the affiliation’s information and clients’ electronic life data to uncover viable for the affiliations.

Another piece of data is the way wherein that Telecommunication affiliations may screen how clients use the information on their cell phones and because of doing this, it might raise the hazard of the introduction of extremely undeniable data and the regular affinities on where and which areas individuals use typically.

Due to the test between Telecommunication affiliations, they might be ceaselessly making about winning more clients by giving comfort, organizing plans to improve clients’ encounters on telephones and work with clients’ voice/information/encouraging use data to assess the clients and their usage so they may promote the clients with better things. This, thusly, may assault two or three people and risk individuals to be in worry with their security.

The security on the entirety of the PDAs that each individual caseare a colossal pressure that will basically require the progression/cybersecurity relationship to always screen for potential assaults and cell phone clients must pick between restricted choices in any case to manage the results. (Dehghani and Timer, 2015) raised that progression’s prosperity for any affiliation ought to be evaluated by purchasers’ experiences of the intrigued promotion.

aja-How come liking a picture of curly fries could be the indicative of how smart you are?”

First of all, it is important to note that curly fries are fries that are characterized by their shape which is spring-like, being cut from whole potatoes using a specialized spiral slicer. The fries are cut in such a manner that they appear spiral and this shows how careful the person was cutting them into pieces. It is imperative to note that one who looks at the picture of curly fires and likes them shows that he or she has taken time to think about the process through which they were cut and prepared. Again, the preparation process also requires one to be very careful when frying them. Notably, one expects that when they are being fried, they will break down. But from the picture, they appear to be not broken and this makes one who takes time to think about the process of cutting them into the spiral shapes and prepare them and serve them while they are still intact.

Social media analytics can be defined as the practice of collecting data from social media websites to ensure that one is in a position to analyze that data using the tools for data analytics to make decisions of an organization. It is imperative to note that social media analytics are in most cases, used to mine the sentiment of the customer to ensure that services activities for customers and marketing of products and services are supported. The social media analytics are mostly used by organizations today across the world to ensure that they improve their competitiveness. However, data from social media can sometimes be deceptive and unreliable (Wamba et al., 2017).

Here is the google drive link to refer to PPT and video file

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