Moving Your Action Plan Forward -Add a paragraph and small changes, health and medicine homework help

To prepare your assignment, return to the Public Health Action Plan course project. Most of the ideas and content that you need should be contained in the Public Health Action Plan Draft that you submitted in Unit 8. You are to incorporate an assessment of opportunities for public-private partnerships. To complete this final assignment, there are three additional steps needed below:

  • Assess the opportunity for a public-private partnership to provide additional support to address the health issue you chose.
  • Complete your full plan in paragraph form, since large portions of the draft were in outline form.
  • Incorporate the feedback you received from your instructor on the Unit 8 assignment to enhance the quality of your project. Here’s the Feedback: First, I want you to turn all of your bullet points and outlines into a narrative. Second, I want to see you find best practice examples from the United States or other countries that support the components of your action plan.
  • APA format with scholarly and peer-reviewed references

My assignment is Racial and Ethnic Disparities in HIV/AIDS among Teens in Rural America.”

  • Public Health Action Plan Scoring Guide
    • Describes a particular health concern, including the affected population, the danger to the public, and key stakeholders, providing credible evidence for the need to act.
    • Evaluates existing organizations that might have a stake in effectively addressing a particular health concern, including specific strengths of each organization in relation to that health concern.
    • Describes public health goals based on a shared vision with a public health organization, explaining how those goals will address a particular health concern.
    • Assesses opportunities for a public-private partnership to address a particular health concern, providing criteria for a successful partnership.
    • Creates a detailed plan for addressing a particular health issue, including actions to be taken, the organization that will lead, and the resources required to achieve specific goals, describing the contribution of each of these elements.
    • Describes the role of information systems in carrying out a public health action plan, identifying any assumptions made about resources already in place.
    • Analyzes legal and ethical principles that apply to addressing a particular health concern, pointing out any serious issues that are likely to arise.
    • Applies effective academic writing skills in a manner that creates and maintains reader interest and organizes the content in a clear, logical format.

Here’s also some articles below that can assist you in writing this public-private partnership in paragraph form.

Read Curtis, Scott, and Garbrah-Aidoo’s 2007 article, “Masters of Marketing: Bringing Private Sector Skills to Public Health Partnerships,” from American Journal of Public Health, volume 97, issue 4, pages 634–641.

Read Mazouz, Facal, and Viola’s 2008 article, “Public-Private Partnership: Elements for a Project-Based Management Typology,” from Project Management Journal, volume 39, issue 2, pages 98–110.

Read Oakley’s 2006 article, “The American Welfare State Decoded: Uncovering the Neglected History of Public-Private Partnerships,” from City and Community, volume 5, issue 3, pages 243–267.

Also, I have attached my assignment Public Health Action Plan Draft. I just need some changes done that are listed above.

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