journalism 5

  1. What drove you to joining your family business, and what are the challenges/perks of leading a family company?
  2. What prompted the start of Silver Line Group?
  3. What is the current state of the textile industry in Bangladesh, and are there growth opportunities for Silver Line group?
  4. What are the new projects Silver Line is currently working on, or goals they are striving for?
  5. In light of recent environmental awareness, does Silver Line give importance to green technology/processes? If yes, then in what ways?
  6. As an influential character, how do you (or Silver Line Group) want to inspire people? i.e What are the main values you want to reflect onto a community?
  7. In your opinion, what characteristics or values should a great leader have?
  8. Starting your career at such a young age, do you wish you could have done anything differently? Also, what is your advice to other young ambitious individuals out there?
  9. Apart from your passion for business, is there anything else you are passionate about or want to pursue?
  10. Can you share with us some important lessons you have learnt throughout your career? Whether it’s business related or family related.

Links that will help to understand myself and the company better.……

My father main inspiration for being who I am.

write the question and a paragraph or more for each under the questions.

write is as a i am answering these questions please.

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