international perspectives writing about mecca city

I need to do the writing assignment about Mecca City and I did writing something about in file (Mecca_City in Saudi Arabia) and you can add some information on this file. I will upload Example In United State and do it like this Example but different country on the same way but on Saudi Arabia ( Mecca City ) and focus on Macca city.

You have below:

– Example in United State just you know how you will do it. on File ( Example for US UnitedStates).

– Guidelines to get some instructions on File ( Guidelines ).

– Linkes to get some info as reference on File (Linkes).

– Can use this file to add some info and follow the File ( Example for US UnitedStates) But on my city Mecca ON File (Mecca_City in Saudi Arabia).

Ask me if need any things.

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