i need to know concerns and positive feedback my methodology shows



I need the following questions answered on my discussion:

1. What issues/concerns does my methodology show. What can I do differently? What has my research shown me?

2. I need 3 things showing what issues/concerns i am noticing and 3 things i have noticed positive.

3. It needs to focus on the TOPIC only which is up top.


Book:How to Write an Exceptional Thesis or Dissertation: A Step-by-Step Guide from Proposal to Successful Defense. Chapter 4: Design


My type of research methodology is the use of qualitative research designs because I want a detailed research process. I am going to use both open and close-ended questionnaires through in-depth interviews with affected homeless women and children. I will also use case studies on several homeless individuals where I will learn how they live, why they came on the streets and the problems they face based on the location of these homeless individuals. I will utilize different areas to perform case studies. Also, I will use sampling by selecting several homeless individuals in homeless shelters, ask them structured and unstructured questions. The number of the sample size will be around twenty, and the sample group will be women who are under the age of thirty-five and children less than ten. Moreover, I will use focus group discussions with women and children in shelters. This will help me get detailed information about the research being conducted. The use of observation methods on observing the homeless individual’s lives will help me know the problems they face when living in shelters and on the streets.

The current study will make use of philosophy and positivism since they would be the most appropriate. It will also make use of a deductive approach and primary and secondary data collection methods for collecting detailed information. A questionnaire survey will be conducted about homeless people, particularly women and children, from the view of individuals working with this population or the primary data. The research will also make use of secondary data, which will be conducted from books, academic materials, existing studies as well as other articles that are relevant to the study. The information that is gathered will be grouped into themes by making use of thematic analysis.

The research to be conducted is diverse and will require different identification and interaction with different people. However, to ensure the most critical aspect within the research question is engaged, the need to use a mixed element of research methods in gaining enough data and securing that there are better analysis methods in data quantification. The research will employ the use of questionnaires and interviews with the target audience in continually gaining data to act on in the entire investigation. These methods are elaborated and identified in their usage.


It’s a critical tool that would ensure I get first-hand information that helps me understand the situation. However, the list of questions attached to multiple choices that the individual can understand and give their view. It’s a critical data collection tool and ensures the continued analysis of data collected as the raw data identified gets majorly used in providing a specific output of my research.


The raw data collected from the interviewee is critically analysed and better understood to provide the essential conclusion to the research is reached. The data collection would be the most critical part, and that will require the maximum time to accomplish. However, the best option would be to ensure that there is data safety, as this might drain on most of the resources allocated. Bearing in mind that there is a need to quantify and analyse the results, the researcher would invest much effort and time in the data collection. Similarly, a pilot test would be conducted to ensure the effectiveness of the data collection tools. If they suite the research idea at hand, then they are quickly adopted into the research. However, in cases where there is doubt about the research tools, there is room for consideration and amendment to suit the target population and acquire the necessary information.

Data Collection

Observation will be the research design that will be used in the study. Questionnaires and interviewing tools are the primary data collection methods for this study. The information that the participants will give will be recorded using a tape recorder. Existing journals, articles, books, and academic materials will be used to gather secondary data. Also, documents that are related to this study were investigated for this study.

Inclusion Criteria

The inclusion criteria of the research will entail homeless women and children. Children will become participants of the study with the consent of the parents or the local government. Relevant non-profit organizations, their managers, and employees will also become participants in the study. Parties outside these groups will not be included in the research. The reason for the use of this inclusion criterion in the study is because people who are most affected by homelessness are women and children.

Sample Population

Homeless women and children will make the sample population of this study. Also, non-profit organizations, their managers, and employees, as well as other groups of people that are affected by homelessness, will be included in the study. This sample population will be most appropriate for this study because it comprises homeless women, children, and non-profit organizations and they have direct experience with homelessness. The information they will give will be the primary data in the research.

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