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For this assignment you need to have a total of 2 responses. 

You have the option to select TWO out of the three inquiries below.

1. According to the Gallup polling organization, in 2001, 45 percent of Americans believed abortion is morally wrong, but by 2009, the percentagehad risen to 56 percent. During the same period, the percentage of people who believe that it is morally acceptable to have a baby outside of marriage rose from 45 to 51 percent. However, the percentage who believe gay and lesbian relationships are morally wrong dropped from 53 to 47 percent1. 

Suppose that two of your friends are discussing the meaning of these statistics. One says, “The statistics mean that gay relationships and having children out of the wedlock used to be immoral but now they are moral.  On the other hand, abortion used to be moral but now is immoral.”  The other responds, “That’s ridiculous.  If an action was wrong a decade ago, it is still wrong today; and if it wasn’t wrong then, it isn’t wrong now.”  

Settle your friends’ dispute, applying what you learned in this chapter (2).

12. A 16-year old girl visits a birth control clinic and asks to be put on the pill.  Because she is a minor, the clinic doctor who writes the prescription for her notifies her parents of the action.  Possibly a majority of Americans would approve of the doctor’s action.  Is the action ethical?

13. In some parts of the country, a majority of the citizens presumably believe that it is morally acceptable to send people to jail for smoking marijuana. Is that view correct?

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