for this assignment you will read your instructor s attached letter and write a one page response


  • Read the attached letter from your professor
  • Consider its contents and the questions posed in the letter
  • Make some notes regarding how you would like to respond
  • Open a Microsoft Word document and complete the formatting as instructed below (see Welcome Letter as sample):
    • single spaced, 12-point font (Times New Roman, Calibri, or Ariel) in black
    • top left-hand corner: date (month, day, year)
    • skip a line
    • heading under the date should include the following information (which can be found in the welcome letter-your instructor is the recipient):
      • recipient’s First and Last Name
      • recipient’s Street Address
      • recipient’s City, State Zip
      • recipient’s Phone Number
      • recipient’s Email
    • skip a line
    • salutation on the left-hand side: Dear (recipient’s name):
    • skip a line
    • body of the letter: Do not indent paragraphs and add a space between paragraphs (Microsoft usually does this automatically)
    • closing under the body paragraphs on the left-hand side: Best Regards,
    • skip a line
    • Your information below the closing on the left-hand side:
      • FirstName LastName
      • Your Street Address
      • Your City, State Zip
      • Your Phone Number
      • Your Email

Criteria for Success:

  • The letter must be one page
  • The letter must follow the formatting provided
  • The letter must use the file name as instructed
  • The letter should effectively employ Standard American English (free of grammar errors)
  • The letter must be com
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