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Final Project Guidelines (Summer 2017)

1. Individual Projects so no groups this time.

2. Select one of the Problem Options

3. Address each question using the knowledge gained in the course:

a) Identify and Explain Current Materials Need.

Examples: i) Materials for golf club head, ii) Corrosion-resistant plating for structural applications, iii) Coating for medical implants, iv) Sensing material for the auto industry, vi) Material for cutlery, vii) Material for wheel rim/wheel disc, viii) Tubing for the transfer of sulfuric acid, ix) Material for a street lamp, etc…

b) Select a Material and Justify Selection.

c) Discuss Atomic Bonding and Structure of Selected Material.

d) Discuss Phase Diagram of Selected Material.

e) Predict microstructure, strengthening mechanisms, and mechanical properties.

f) Estimate Impact on Society.

g) Give all the appropriate references. Please make sure that you refer to important seminal papers, book chapters .etc. on the research topic.

h) Follow paper guidelines.

The paper should be single spaced, 12-point font, between 5-10 pages long, include appropriate figures and/or tables, include at a minimum at least 5 references (these need to be from journals and books not just Google or Wikipedia or you will lose points!)

Number the references and pages of the paper

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