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Effective Teachers

Stronge’s (n.d.) article, Qualities of Effective Teachers (Stronge, 2007), expands greatly on the topic of effective teaching. In it, he discusses personal qualities, management skills, instructional organization, implementing instruction, monitoring student performance, and professionalism. If you were to look at a standard comprehensive teacher evaluation system you might find these categories listed, or something quite similar. Kane, et al. (2011) in Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness, focus more on the process of teacher evaluation than the criteria; stating that districts can indeed identify effective teachers.

Kane et al.’s (2011) findings center on the work of Charlotte Danielson (2007) and her Framework for Teaching, a guide for instructional growth. Her Framework includes grading rubrics to allow trained principals to identify effective teacher performance, based upon specific descriptors. Many schools have adopted Danielson’s Framework for teacher evaluation because it takes away the vagueness of evaluations, creating specific examples associated with teacher performance quality. Further, it describes the act of teaching into four domains; Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Professional Responsibilities, and Instruction (Danielson, 2007).

  • In reviewing the articles by Stronge and Kane, what similarities do you see in the two articles that identify effective teaching?
  • Are there some common characteristics listed in both articles?
  • Can these be common characteristics be categorized into several key areas, as well? If so, what would you call them?

And, in looking again at the two articles;

  • Are there any differences that one article identifies as an effective characteristic that is missing from the other?
  • If so, why do you think one of them emphasizes what is felt to be an effective characteristic, while the other has either avoided or not included it in their list?

Post three to four well written paragraphs with your list of elements. For help on this assignment, you might want to review the Danielson Group website [Website] and the work of Charlotte Danielson in the Required Studies section.

Based on your readings, support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Click here for information on course rubrics.


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