easy calculus homework 1

Hey guys so I really need help with this project. It is Saturday and I need help, It is for calculus and we have to make a pamphlet. I will attach a document for the full instructions, but the instructions I need you to focus on is written below. I need a paragraph written as well as visual aid to demonstrate.

Talk about how derivatives represent the rate of change of different types of functions such as profit, cost, revenue, etc and they could demonstrate the concept using business related applications. There are many more concepts of what a derivative represents and many more ways to illustrate those concepts, so be creative! I need a visual representation

Chapter 11 Collaborative Project

For this project, you will be working together as a group to create an advertisement for derivatives.

Before January 18th, as a group, decide which of the following you would like to create for your group project (pick one that everyone in your group will work together on):
A webpage
An ad with visuals and text
A commercial video
A pamphlet
Before January 25th, if your role is W, X, or Y, pick which derivative concept you want to advertise (see examples below) and then submit your information on that concept to person Z. Everyone must do a different concept so work together to decide. If you aren’t sure what your role is, you can find it next to your name on the group spreadsheet
Before February 1st, if your role is Z, assemble all the information that your group contributed into a single webpage or ad or video or pamphlet, make it look nice and cohesive, save the final product, and submit it by going to Canvas, clicking on Assignments, clicking on Ch 11 CP, and following the instructions. Then please send me an email telling me which part of the advertisement came from each person in your group. If one of the people in your group did not contribute, please mention that in your email as well.

Your advertisement must address at least 3 of the different concepts that a derivative can represent (one thing per person W, X, and Y) and you must explain each concept in detail and give examples.
Your advertisement should be mathematically accurate but also easy to understand.
Do not copy and paste information. It must be your own work in your own words.
Bonus points will be awarded for creativity.

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