discussion 17 personality disorders discussion and replies

Discussion #17: Personality Disorders {Chapter 17-Personality, Mental Health, and Physical Health} (Initial post due Thursday and Responses by Monday)

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Personality Disorders (Links to an external site.)

The video explains the different types of personality types that exist. It also explains how they are broken down into 3 clusters and what the characteristics are for each type. Once you watch the video answer the following questions:

  1. Why are they broken into 3 clusters?
  2. How do we differentiate whether personality is normal or abnormal?
  3. Does culture effect personality?

** Be sure to apply and incorporate what you have learned from the chapter in your posts. Once you post your response (150-200 words). Respond to 2 classmates (75 words). Make sure your reply is constructive feedback, clear, and offer an explanation to your response.

I need replies done as well, i will send them after the discussion is done.

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