destination essay

Destionation: Newport, RI

You will cover the same place twice. Consider the fllowing questions about each piece: How will you report it? Is it service journalism(a useful read) or storytelling(a good read?)

Version1(due tomorrow)

Write this article as a blog(about 300 words). Star with a short, engaing openning that creares a sense of place and lets readers know why they should go(award, news peg, trend).

Think about your angle-for example, places to volunteer in Pueto Rico following the earthquakes; snowshoe tours to breweries in Vermont given the popularity of craft beer.

Think about your potential sources-websites, phone interviews, past visits

Think about your structure-a list, a roundup, a slide show.

Version2(after 2 day}

Write this article as a feature story(750 words)after visiting your destination. Start with an engaging opening then share your experience, creating a narrative arc.

Think about your angle, which is most likely personal-for example, volunteering for my sister’s birthday instead of surfing in San Juan; convincing my kids to like snowshoeing by trekking to a restaurant in Vermont.

Think about your potential sources-firsthand obervations, in-person interviews, oerheard conversations

Think about your structure-a chronological highlighting the most compelling events

The toal pages is 3(combine version1 and 2)

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