course leadership in action answer should be 3000 words exactly no plagarism please

Identify a work-based activity, incident or event which you have experienced or directly observed, and which represents an occasion for significant personal learning.

The chosen occasion should relate to:

1. One of the following topics: motivation and work design; culture; groups; learning; and also

2. The management of others.


  • Write a critically reflective and theoretically informed account of your chosen activity, incident or event, and the personal learning that you gained from it.
  • Design and justify a personal learning plan which will further build on and develop the personal learning you have identified from your chosen learning incident, in relation to your development as a manager and/or leader and the effective management of others.
  • Your personal learning plan should cover a maximum of twelve months and include at least three specific learning activities. It should include how you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your learning.
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