Choosing the right printer

our friend recently started his own business and needs to do a lot of printing. He knows this is your specialty and has come to you for advice. The first question you ask him is, “What kinds of things do you need to print?” Your friend tells you he will need to print flyers, business cards, and brochures. He also tells you that he already has a color inkjet printer, but he’s not happy with the print quality he’s getting. Your friend wants his material to look professional and he is looking to you for a recommendation on a new printer. You ask your friend for some more details so you can do some research. He will need to print:

  • 5,000 sheets per month
  • Envelopes
  • Letter-sized and legal-sized pages
  • Business cards
  • Both sides of legal-sized pages to make three-column brochures

Do some research and come up with your top three recommendations for your friend. Include at least one laser printer and at least one printer technology other than laser. Calculate the initial cost of the equipment and the total cost of consumables for one year (other than paper) for each of your recommendations. Based on your research, which of the three would you ultimately recommend and why?

Be sure to use paragraphs and check for spelling/grammar 

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