Chemistry Pre lab questions, chemistry homework help

I need you to answer these 11 questions depending on the experiment attached:

1) What questions will be answered with the results obtained from this experiment?

2) What kinds of selective precipitation will be used to detect the presence of metal cations? What kind of selective precipitation will be used to detect the presence of anions?

3) What is the main question this experiments seeks to answer?

4) What is the best way to insure that there are no false positives or that there is not contamination or interference from unwanted ions in the solution?

5) How is selective precipitation specifically used to identify unknown ions in this experiment?

6) What technique is used to separate precipitate from the ions that remain dissolved in the solution? What techniques are used to treat the precipitates for additional analyses?

7) Discuss the importance of selective precipitation.

8) What results will be collected and recorded in your lab notebook?

9) What can be expected if the ions are correctly identified? What are some things that might prevent the ions from being correctly identified?

10) What is this experiment designed to measure?What will the results NOT tell us about the experiment?

11) What special safety precautions do you need to be aware of for this experiment?

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