case study managerial ethics amp social responsibility 2

Read the Case “Corporate Social Responsibility at Gravity Payments (PAGE#69-70)” at the end of Chapter 3 and response to the following:

  1. Is Price demonstrating elements of corporate social responsibility by his actions in this case, or not?
  2. How is Price exhibiting the fourth Phase of Corporate Citizenship (Figure 3.2 PAGE#52, 1990s to present: Corporate/Global Citizenship) in his actions at Gravity Payments?
  3. What arguments in support of, or concerns about, corporate social responsibility (referring to Figure 3.3 PAGE#54) are relevant to this case?
  4. Is Price acting like an executive of a firm that could be certified as a B corporation?
  5. What stage of global corporate citizenship (using Figure 3.5 PAGE#63) is Gravity Payments operating at, and why do you think so?
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