applying piaget s concepts of assimilation and accommodation

Piagetian concepts can be complex and challenging to grasp. Often, new ideas are best understood when they are applied to one’s personal experiences. Please consider your own learning in relation to Piaget’s theory. For example, each semester you find yourself in a challenging state of disequilibrium as you enroll in new courses. You have to accommodate quickly, creating new schemes so you can make sense of new realms of knowledge (that is, course material). Once you do so, your new cognitive structures enable you to assimilate, or see the world in a different light, and you experience the thrill of mastery. And when you combine new concepts into organized wholes, your sense of equilibrium is enhanced. Under these conditions, you probably do best on exams.

Please illustrate Piaget’s concepts of cognitive change through one of your own learning experiences. Please provide specific examples to illustrate your points. Then imagine yourself in the place of the young infant, for whom creating and organizing schemes are awesome tasks. The baby does not just enroll in a new course of study that is similar to ones he has taken before. Instead, many aspects of the environment are strange and mysterious, and thousands of schemes must be created, revised, and put together

NOTE: This assignment must be at least two full pages long, double spaced, Times New Roman font (size 12), one-inch margins on all sides. Type the quotation followed by your answer to the question.

I uploaded a PowerPoint you can use it if you want to get more information

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