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Using a search engine as a resource to locate the full citation for the William T. McGuire New Jersey/Pennsylvania Murder Investigation as identified in the below video clip. Upon identifying the case, please answer the following questions: (Please note, that in this exercise, you can base your final analysis upon various articles and/or opinions gathered via the web. It is not necessary to locate and/or retrieve the final Westlaw and/or LexisNexis case law).

Video is below …

  1. The complete case name i.e., The State of New Jersey/Pennsylvania v. Melanie McGuire (include appropriate case no.) If the complete citation cannot be located, please include enough information to identify your case i.e., William McGuire murder (2004).
  2. Include the URL link to the article and/or case site. If more then one resource was used to identify your information please include all sources.
  3. Identify at least two electronic techniques and/or methods used in your case to identify the information if applicable.
  4. As a casual observer, do you agree or disagree with the method/technique used to disclose the forensic evidence, please explain your answer.
  5. Based upon the final ruling/discussion of your case, do you believe the techniques utilized for forensic discovery were ethical on the part of law enforcement?
  6. Additionally, do we have an obligation in the legal arena to counsel our clients as to their present-day electronic information retention policies?
  7. Explain why one must always be vigilant about the chain of custody of evidence in criminal cases?
  8. Scenario: As the ‘LSP’ (Litigation Support Professional) assigned to this case do you agree or disagree with the methods/techniques used to disclose the evidence, please explain your answer.
  9. True or False: Under ‘Model Rules of Professional Conduct’, does an attorney have the legally and/or ethnical obligation to search a client(s) computer system for production of discoverable electronic information?
  10. Based upon the final rulings, do you believe the judge assessment of the prosecutor findings concluded decisively that the actives were those of accused Melanie McGuire? Please explain your answer.
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