13 Most Common Reason for Getting Fired, environmental science homework help

U3L1C-Based on the article 13 Most Common Reason for Getting Fired, write a scenario that illustrates one of the Common Reasons for Getting Fired. Do not tell the Reason. Then go to a classmate’s post and identify the ‘Common Reason’ that was illustrated in the scenario and why the company can fire a person for this reason

U3L1J-How is Employment-at-will beneficial to both the employer and the employee? Include when an Employment-at-will does not applY

U3L2C-Post a job for which you think drug testing should be required and explain why. You can not repeat something a classmate wrote

LESSON ASSIGNMENT-Prepare a brief essay after researching an industry that has unions. Explain why you agree or disagree with them having a union. Be sure to include why this industry needs or does not need a union; while focusing on the purpose of a union as discussed in the lesson.

U3L2J-Why do you think Child Labor Laws are important? Be sure to reference the Child Labor Law article you read in this lesson

It is is illegal to deny a person who meets social security requirements their right to receive income when they become disabled. It is also illegal to deny a person injured on the job workers compensation. However, there are people who misuse these programs.

U3L3C-Locate an example on the Internet of someone who misused either program. Provide a short description of how the worker misused the program, and what happened (if disclosed in the article and website used). Cite your source.

U3L3J-Bob was injured on the job. What type of income protection benefits may Bob qualify for due to his injury? Be sure to explain why he would qualify for each of these benefits

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