12 step meeting reaction paper

Attend 2 DIFFERENT 12-Step/Some type of recovery meetings of their choosing (e.g., Cocaine Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and/or Narcotics Anonymous). Students need to submit a paper. Listed below are some guidelines:

1. Attend two (2) Open 12-Step Support Group meetings (e.g., AA, NA, CA, CODA, AlAnon, etc…) These must be 2 DIFFERENT meetings, i.e. an AA and an NA group).

2. One must be face to face (the other may be an on-line meeting)

3. Submit an APA formatted paper, 4 pages (Not including title/reference pages)

a. List dates and what types of 12 Step meetings you attended

b. Body of the paper (Do not provide a documentary of the meetings’ content) but rather your personal reactions to meetings (This part of the paper does not need research/citations)

i. Discuss self-awareness gained from attending the meetings

1. Biases?

2. Judgments?

3. Fears?

4. Surprises?

c. Integrate one or two theories of addiction counseling and how the 12-step meetings may play a role in recovery/relapse prevention (Include 2 or more scholarly citations)

d. Clarify how you may incorporate the use of support groups in working with clients.

4. Support your responses to parts c and d with outside, scholarly support (A minimum of 2- 3 references are required, all peer-reviewed).

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